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Your reliable roadmap to empowerment for money and your life.

Money in Your Hands is a groundbreaking new book that shows you how to read the unique money markings found on your hands, specifically aimed to help you generate income and create financial independence.

Master hand analyst Kay Packard shows you how to identify and interpret more than 100 line and marking configurations in your own hands to help you understand your personal relationship to money and how to use it to your best advantage. These features of the palms, fingers, and thumbs are described and analyzed, highlighting their associated strengths and pitfalls, money mindset statements, inner truth-provoking breakthrough questions, and inspiring affirmations that point the way on your personalized path to financial freedom. You’ll not only learn to recognize these individual features, but also how to blend them into a wholistic view of your money potential.

Money in Your Hands shows you how to harness your inner wisdom and create new, successful money-making strategies. Let your own two hands be your guides to a better financial future and more fulfilling life!

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Your Life is in Your Hands

Your Life Is In Your Hands is a revelatory new book that teaches you the fundamentals of how to read the unique markings found on your own hands. Author and master hand analyst Kay Packard draws on thousands of hours of scientific research to guide you step by step in identifying and interpreting these markings, giving you a profound new approach to harnessing your inner wisdom and helping you create new, more successful life strategies.

Your own hands offer the most reliable and explicit assessment tool available for living your best life! Learn to decipher your conscious and unconscious life patterns and awaken your self-knowledge, understanding, and wholeness. Are you ready to look within and empower yourself to live your most meaningful life? Your hands can show you how!

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