Hear what happy clients are saying

What I liked most [from our session] is that I became more aware of who I am.  – Jackie

I have never had a palm reading before and I was blown away by the accuracy.  I liked the openness that was created through the atmosphere of conversation – Josh

You are such a positive influence in all our lives. Thanks for your deep commitment to sharing your compassion for humanity. – Julie

I so love your energy and true spirit and your knowledge and your delivery in imparting that knowledge with wisdom and light. – Annette


You are magnificent at what you do.  Good and very good. – Larry

I appreciated hearing clearly my life purpose and life lessons and the remedial measures and suggestions on how to heal different situations that were hampering full potential.  – Ananda

What I liked most is the idea that the print is a sort of blue print for one’s life.  I enjoyed the information you gave me and the way you presented it.  – Adrienne

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the reading that you did yesterday. I was walking on air the rest of the day and I’m not sure exactly what you said that touched me so deeply. Wait a minute I just realized what it was. You gave me a voice. Thank you! – Melissa

For me, of course, the most fun was to do it together with the kids – getting to know them on a different level.  Tomorrow, on my drive to Bakersfield, I’m going to listen to all 3 readings. – Joyce

I really appreciate your encouragement. You have a way of cutting through the muck and saying things that I needed to hear in a way that I have not yet heard, but needed to. I am feeling so much better today after the time I spent with you. Thanks! – Kristy


I had the pleasure of attending the Heart Lines and Life Schools workshops with Kay. What an insightful few hours! I have experienced a deeper awareness of myself and how I interact with the world around me. Thank you! – Petit

Hello Kay 🙂  I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for analyzing my hands today. Your insights meant so much to me and I truly value what I learned from you during our time together. It was an experience I will never forget- there is no other way you could have known those specifics about me and I have gained both a respect for your art form and a new confidence to proceed with in my life.  Thank you so much!  Warmly, Julie

Dear Kay, It was great to meet you and I thank you so much for your wisdom and insight [during my hand reading].  I’m really looking forward to our next session.  I’ll get my homework done and call you – Erika

I just wanted to say thank you to you for all that you do. I admire, appreciate and enjoy you more than words can explain. I learn so much just from being with you. I think you are absolutely amazing! Thank you for everything yesterday it was great! Can’t wait for our next session!!  Love you, –Tracie


I think Kay truly has a unique gift, and it’s exciting that she can share this with others. Every time I am with her, I walk away feeling ‘good about myself’. Through hand analysis she has a way of making you see all that is inside and “smile. – Teddi Sue

Thanks for our session as it did help me make so much sense of everything. – Liz

My hand print reading with Kay was so inspiring and affirming. Kay has the ability of a symphony conductor to bring it all together, to lead you to your deepest truth, with grace and precision.  She gave me faith to proceed with everything I have dared to dream. She helped me to get back on course with my inner knowing and purpose. She inspired me to honor my truth. Most importantly she re-affirmed for me to love and trust myself always. She is like a beacon of light who helped me to focus and honor my inner North Star. Kay is genuine and lovely. I enjoyed every bit of our conversation! Thank you Kay. – Mary in Philadelphia

Private mentoring with Kay Packard is a guaranteed shortcut to understanding the wide and deep database of information about the hands.  I honestly have been able to go from a question to deep understanding of a topic within the span of one session.  Through my multiple private mentoring sessions with Kay I feel like I got to tap directly into her years of experience which I know allowed me to jump ahead in my business as a hand analyst.  I attained deep understanding within the course of an hour that would have taken weeks or even years of self study.  I also believe that Kay has a gift for helping you make your practice of hand analysis your own.  It’s not about memorizing a database and being able to spit out data (although the data is important) but how you apply your own gifts and life purpose towards working with the information.  I highly recommend private mentoring if you are serious about learning and applying the gift of hand analysis. – Christine


Thank you Kay, It was nice to get your insight. I have made a positive shift since our time together. – Yeniffer 

Thank you very much indeed for the personalized mini statement. That was great and will help me a lot. Discovering ‘self’ is a pretty hard job but once its discovered then life becomes easy. And that mini statement will certainly help me to find my target and achieve it. –Shafayet Chowdhury, Bangladesh

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