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Let’s empower your role, your goal and your soul!

Is it time to make positive change in some particular area of your life?

Is there something you want to say YES to but need inspiration, insight, confidence and a plan to move forward?


Don’t wait another minute!

You have a dream, a vision for your life and a deep desire to achieve it. It takes real bravery to set out to reach for our dreams and shoot for the stars. We start the journey full of enthusiasm and excitement. It’s not long before we realize our dreams are bigger than we realized. We encounter obstacles, detours and disappointments. We may realize we were unprepared or don’t have the right tools.

Many of us reach a point where we realize it takes even more bravery to complete our journey than it took to start. And…

We realize we might need help along the way.

My name is Kay Packard and I understand the struggles of impossible journeys all too well. Recently I went on a 13-day spiritual pilgrimage in the Himalaya’s called a Yatra. Starting out each morning was easy but the climbs got longer and steeper with each passing day. Each day pushed me to my limits and beyond. Each day was filled with painful doubts and tears. I faced the bitter fear again and again that I wasn’t mentally prepared or up to the challenge, physically. Every step forward was a struggle, but the prospect of quitting and turning back was even more brutal. It felt like I had no winning option but I continued on, even though I was usually the last one to reach camp each night.

Yet there is help and hope…

The pilgrimage had guides leading, guiding, supporting and following us every step of the way. These guides knew the path to our goal, the challenges we would face, the tools required to succeed, and the support we would need. I was comforted by the patience, consistency and smile of the guide-become-friend that encouraged and accompanied me to each new destination. At the end of the Yatra, in India in 2017, I felt unimaginably stronger, unbelievably accomplished and quite humbled. I achieved unexpected victory both in my inward voyage as well as the outward expedition. Without the help of these knowledgeable guides, I would have struggled and might not have realized my own power.


“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.” – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

I can help you unlock your inner power!

My struggles and triumph in the Himalayas mirror the quest you are facing with your dream life. You have the power to achieve your dream, but with an experienced guide or Success Coach you can:

  • Avoid common pitfalls and obstacles
  • Have the tools you need to succeed
  • Be shown a faster way toward your goals to excel and thrive
  • Receive encouragement and support every step of the way

Proven step-by-step systems give you the following:

  • Practical, nuts-and-bolts strategies and action steps as well as the transformational inner work that’s essential for you as an advancing business owner and entrepreneur
  • The solutions to challenges such as building better relationships, claiming your worth, managing money, building a business, how to charge what you’re worth, attract more clients, brand your unique brilliance, create packages that sell and more
  • What to focus on (and what to let go of) to enjoy your life and to profitably grow your business
  • More than just a collection of strategies – a way to grow your business that feels easy and authentic because all the pieces fit together

With grace and ease, focus and commitment, we’ll work together to empower your goal, role and soul.

What to Expect:

  • Get “unhooked” from your emotional triggers so you can make decisions more quickly (hang up your hangups)
  • See any challenging situation from different perspectives and make authentically powerful and aligned choices
  • Create unstoppable motivation and commitment to reach your aspirations
  • Keep from getting stuck in your story so you can move forward toward your goals and dreams

Focus Areas:

Career Direction

Gain clarity to declare concrete steps toward amazing breakthroughs in your current career or transition into an entirely new vocation. Analyzing your hands provides definite indicators toward your ideal ‘work’.

New Business

Identify and eliminate dangerous mindsets and strategize your new or advancing business.

Money Mentoring

Clarify and align your money beliefs to the life you want to live. Investigate where your money beliefs originated and recalibrate them. How we do money is how we do life. It’s easy to make more money when you have the right tools that work – for YOU!

Soul Coaching

Use practical tools to integrate conflict and opposition from a space of Heart Wisdom. Learn to detach from limiting constructs of the mind and consciously step into new levels of awareness and awakened living. Your life has an almost unimaginable significance.

Learn more about:

Money Breakthrough with Kay Packard

Let’s crack the secret money code mapped in your hands and navigate your path to financial freedom

Why would everyone have a unique design imprinted in their hands unless it was meant to be read for optimum living?! You are meant to know your potential so you can live into your most fulfilling life possible – and making more money!

During your Money Breakthrough session, you’ll be guided to:

  • Translate the money map in your hands to initiate, revive or reform your plans for creating financial freedom.
  • Unlock the blocks marked in your hands and carve your money path for new directions.
  • Blend strengths and pitfalls for three markings in your hands.
  • Review precisely aligned money mindset statements to break your glass money ceiling.
  • Use inner-truth provoking questions to bust through blocks and perfect your money-making blueprint.
  • Complete money map exercises using strengths, pitfalls, money mindsets and breakthrough questions related to individual markings in your hands.
  • Create a personalized money map worksheet by combining three unique markings in your hands
  • Identify next action steps for creating financial freedom

After you understand and accept natural aspects of yourself, you can live your life with less effort and more meaning while creating more wealth.

Are you ready to magnify the money map in your hands to reveal undisclosed fortunes encoded there?

Questions? Use the contact form to connect with Kay.

Private Coaching Testimonials

Our coaching sessions were an incredible benefit to our business and our relationship.

At the time we wanted to grow our overall income at our first business in California and had a goal in mind. We didn’t consider that we would exceed the original goal but with the right outlook, openness and guidance of Kay we did!

As a couple in business, we also needed to understand each other and the roles we played, not just in business but in life. Kay asked just the right questions and gave us feedback that changed our prospective and our goals moving forward. There are so many aspects to consider in business and in everyday life and her intuitiveness helped us get clarity on all of it. Currently we have expanded and now have two successful physical locations in Texas besides the one in California. our business and our marriage is stronger than ever.

If you are considering working with a coach, I would say from my experience that Kay is the real deal. Her experience and guidance are refreshing. She may not tell you what you want to hear but she will deliver what you need to hear. I have thrown away a load of money on coaches that promised big results. With Kay we got more than we expected and the journey was empowering. – Jessica and Shane Griffeth

– Jessica and Shane Griffeth

Business Owners in California and Texas

Kay is the best teacher and coach that I have come across.

Kay is very knowledgeable not just in Hand Analysis but in being able to help me promote myself. I am blessed to be working with such a professional and exceptional businesswoman. I believe in her abilities.

If you need to get some coaching with your business, or with life, I highly recommend Kay.

– Jo Hayden

Certified Hand Analyst, Australia

I so appreciate the safety and deep listening that Kay provides. It allowed me to be vulnerable, identify and speak my fears, beliefs, and agreements I had glossed-over and projected onto others…..which have been keeping me stuck.

If you know you are stuck but have little idea what is holding you back, don’t wait any longer. Kay has a gentle yet persistent and highly effective coaching style that encourages you to identify and expose whatever is holding you back and develop an affirmation which anchors your new direction!

– Laura Gibson

Certified Master Hand Analyst, Canada

I came to Kay five months ago with a list of ten different areas in my life that needed to see improvement. For a multitude of reasons I had put my personal and spiritual growth on hold for years.  As I took a long hard look at myself, it was apparent to me that I no longer resembled the individual I wanted to be.

Kay has an exceptional gift to share in helping others achieve their most magnificent life!  She has an amazing sense of intuition which she wraps around you like a blanket, all the while full of curiosity to see exactly what it is you see.  Her curiosity invites so much possibility.  I feel so incredibly lucky to have worked with such an innovative and committed spirit.

Through coaching sessions with Kay I have been able to see for the first time, very clearly how my life-lesson themes play out, and this has enabled me to make new choices.  Kay has given me many practical tools to use when I am faced with challenges. I have seen progress in nearly all ten areas of focus and I am certainly closer to being that person I want to be:  peaceful, confident, and happy.  Am I ready to part ways with my personal guide (Kay)?  No way!  I have found a true gem.

– Stacie

Mother of two and Motel Manager

I experienced a devastating breakup last year and came to Kay in need of getting my life back on track and in alignment with my purpose. With Kay, I’ve learned so many techniques to deal with everyday life. She has shared her gifts which has helped re-ignite my light. Coaching with her has made me a better person, mother and friend. I’ve been able to identify my purpose and mission in life, developed a life plan to achieve goals and develop my gifts. I feel more fulfilled. I’m living on purpose.

Kay has been a true blessing for me. She is a gifted, non-judgmental, kind and caring spirit. I consider her my spiritual mother.  I’m forever grateful for her guidance in this exciting journey called “life.”

– Dana Bradshaw, Texas

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Guide/Coach and Philanthropist

Thank you for giving me the gift of sight. For helping me to see my potential and giving me tools to reach my real estate business goals. I’m excited to exercise my new confidence! God has blessed you with so many gifts and your gift of love for others is tremendous! You want for everyone good things. Coaching with you is a wonderful gift that will continue to give for a life-time.

– Lora Gomes

Bay Shore Realty, California Central Coast

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