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M.A. Spiritual Psychology, Master Hand Analyst, Teacher and Coach

Kay’s study and intensive course work with hand analysis began in 2003. She holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and is dedicated to helping people journey inward and live their best life through Hand Analysis and Life Coaching.

She became a Certified Hand Analyst in 2005 and completed advanced studies in 2007. In September 2010 she founded the American Academy of Hand Analysis where, as a Master Teacher, she teaches Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 courses in the ancient art and modern day science of Hand Analysis.

Kay is the author of Your Life Is In Your Hands and Money in Your Hands. Her books show readers how to read the unique markings in their hands and blend descriptions together to create personalized formulas for financial freedom and purposeful living.

Kay’s work was featured in The CUT and Real Simple magazine.

She actively guides individuals to access their inner genius. Individuals and groups transform their life stories for personal freedom through dialog, answering questions and meditation.

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As Kay’s Hand Analysis and EFT practices developed individually, she began to see a direct correlation between the core issues clients were reporting during EFT sessions and their life lessons etched in the fingerprints. Kay facilitates clients inward to embrace challenges as the path to freedom. People have reported feeling immediate relief, peace, calm, empowerment and self-acceptance.

She is on the path of service as a coach, mentor, teacher and researcher. She has converted skeptics by observing, gathering and presenting empirical evidence related to human behavioral patterns and markings mapped in their hands. She offers thought provoking concepts and practical tools to encourage individuals on their life quest. Depending on the goals of the client, various tools are available for use to awaken greater perspective and see with more clarity.


She has contributed numerous articles to the local Three Rivers art, music and nature publication called Muddwumpus, the Kaweah Commonwealth and Valley Voice newspapers. She has lectured for the Three Rivers Woman’s Club, Lion’s Club, the National Federation Woman’s Group, National Association of US Post Masters, and California State University, Fresno. She was the publisher of the International Institute of Hand Analysis Alumni Newsletter for two years. The CUT and Real Simple magazines have featured her work.


For 23 years she worked at Hughes Aircraft Company, Hughes Space and Communications and the Boeing Company in a variety of leadership roles in areas of manufacturing, business management and information technology. During that corporate employment, she also facilitated Insights workshops to assist employees to ignite understanding of themselves and thus better adapt and connect with others for personal, professional and company results.

She graduated from California State University Fresno with a B.S. Degree in industrial technology with emphasis in electronics in 1988. She completed her upper graduate work in 2013 and received an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology form the University of Santa Monica.


Please know that she is neither a psychologist nor a licensed therapist. Rather, she is a guide for positive change and deep inner awareness. With a holistic perspective, she embraces all religions and faiths. She is an avid student of Eastern philosophy and meditation, but at no time asks anyone to follow any specific spiritual teaching.


Kay is passionate about bringing people together. She looks upon each of her clients and students as very near and dear to her heart. She holds a sacred space for all to have a place to be at any phase of their life journey.

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