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Meet Kay

Why not have a sense of humor while doing this thing called life!? You got a ticket for this journey and you’ve probably experienced a lot more than a roller coaster ride.

Trying to circumvent the crucial crossroads in my life only delayed the life altering lessons… and gave me many a night of sopping-wet pillows. I’ll be the first to admit I abhorred vulnerability for the first 40+ years of my life. I was so unconscious of my protection mechanisms that I didn’t even know that I was evading the terrifying exposure of my very soft underbelly.

I signed up for a hypnosis training program in 2007 and unbeknownst to me the assignments were loaded with deep emotional work. I felt duped and protested, “I didn’t sign up for this!”. The teacher didn’t bat an eye. With a mysterious glow of certainty she said, “Well you did now and God has a plan for you.”

How could I say no to that?

Since then, learning to navigate the tumultuous tides of life has become a passion for me. When a hole shows up in the bottom of the boat I find a solution. Failure is not an option. The solution can appear as a revised life strategy or sitting right in the middle of the muck.

With my master’s degree in spiritual psychology and committed practice in Hand Analysis and Eastern Philosophy I’ve learned to embrace the ride and allow awareness to happen.

If you’re curious about living into your aliveness with grace and ease, and more lightheartedness – let’s talk! Read more about Kay.

Coach Kay Packard

Kay is an outstanding teacher. Her course materials are voluminous and well organized. Better than all of this though is the quality of presence Kay brings; focused, considered and deeply intelligent in so many ways.

~ Ruth Gale

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